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Natural gas connection request status

Connection request status

At Nedgia you can check out the progress of your connection request and also check out the steps you are going to follow so that you can comfortably enjoy natural gas at your home or business.

Connection status
lectura contador gas natural

Meter reading

At Nedgia, you can read your gas meter without any inconvenience, without leaving home.
Send us a photo of your meter through our digital channels every two months and avoid any surprises in your bill.

Meter reading
inspección periódica gas natural

Periodic Inspection

We will resolve any queries about the natural gas review in your property and/or community, which is legally mandatory every five years.
What is the periodic inspection? How does it affect me?

Periodic Inspection
Telephone contact

Do you have an emergency? Call us at 900 750 750


Telephone contact

Do you have an emergency? Call us at

900 750 750


Reporting irregularities

Reporting irregularities in the grid, gas installations or measuring instruments is important because it helps maintain the safety and integrity of the system and prevents accidents from occurring.

The complaints we receive will be treated anonymously and confidentially.

How do you report an irregularity?

denuncia de irregularidades de gas natural