The high cost of energy today and the need for ecological and environmental protection means it is very important to study the design and operational criteria of all activities that consume significant amounts of energy.


The industry requires customised advice from a specialist, given the specific complexity of each subsector.

thermal power generation

Residual heat

Making use of residual heat and installing a recovery system, enables energy savings, by using the energy contained within to produce, for example, hot water for a variety of uses.

That way you can reduce your fuel needs.



The demand for useful heat allows this technology to be used as a means of optimising energy consumption. Explore cogeneration as a possible energy solution in your case.

Worker insulating


As far as energy is concerned, insulation allows reductions in heat loss caused by conduction and deposits. This will have a positive effect on energy consumption.


Energy audits

Carrying out energy audits could be a useful way of improving efficiency as these would help to spot possible improvements for each particular process and therefore contribute towards general efficiency in the industry.

changing fuel

Changing fuel

The extension of the natural gas distribution network over the last few years has turned that fuel into a highly advantageous option. Adapting your boilers and burners to use natural gas instead of oil-based products could help to improve energy efficiency and reduce CO2 and other emissions.

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