Here is how to identify the employee responsible for reading your meter, carrying out the regular inspection or attending to any emergency that may arise

Identificación Nedgia
Acreditación personal de Nedgia

Request accreditation

Nedgia employees must always be properly identified by a Nedgia card.

Remember, you should not make any payments at the time of the inspection. The cost of the inspection will be added to the bill sent to your regularly by your marketing company.

Operario de Nedgia

Check that the uniform has either the Nedgia logo or that of the accredited company

The employee who attends must always have the correct attire identifying them as Nedgia employees or the company accredited for this purpose in case of the regular inspections.

If in doubt, call the Customer Service number: 900 100 252.

Mantenimiento técnico de tu hogar

Regular inspection process, reading the meter or attending to any emergency that may arise

Once the above two points have been checked, the Nedgia employee, or the authorised company in the case of the regular inspections, will perform the work as quickly as possible and with firm guarantees.