Meter reading Online form YoLeoGas APP Send us, every two months, the photo of your meter
through our digital channels
and avoid surprises on the invoice.

How can I send my meter reading?

Natural gas meterYoLeoGas app

Download the free YoLeoGas app on your phone and send us your meter reading. You will find it available on Google Play and the App Store. When you register on the app, enter your CUPS code, which you can find on your natural gas bills. Every two months, send your reading by simply taking a photo of your meter using the app. We will also notify you when you have to send the next photo of the reading.

Online proceduresOnline form

Send us the meter reading using this simple form. Enter the requested information and include a good-quality photo of your reading.

Try it and see how easy it is!

  • Dar lectura del contador de gas

  • Escribe sólo los números situados antes de la coma
  • Tamaño máximo del archivo: 10Mb. Tipos de archivos: jpg, png
  • Paso 2: Verificación

    Por favor, antes de enviar los datos, confirme que la lectura mostrada es correcta:
    • NIF/NIE del titular
    • CUPS
    • Cantidad

Other ways to send a meter reading

Telephone contactTelephone meter reading

Our free telephone meter reading service is available 24 hours a day.

To facilitate the reading, you will need to have the NIF of the contract holder and the meter reading to hand. If the holder has more than one supply point, you must also confirm the CUPS. This can be found on your bill.

Telephone contact 900 770 770

Accessible documentationMeter reading poster

In line with the recommendation from the authorities and as a preventative measure, it is not permitted to collect meter reading information written on posters, as has become usual. To facilitate meter readings during this period, we recommend using the other available channels: Yoleogas Apponline form or telephone.


Why is it important to take a real reading?

We take the gas meter reading to be able to accurately bill you for the energy you consume. This means the supply company can generate your bill properly. If we do not receive your meter reading to then pass on to the supply company, they may only issue the bill based on estimated readings.

Who is responsible for taking the meter reading?

In accordance with current legislation, it is the responsibility of the distribution network company in your area, which will send the readings to the corresponding supply company.

How often are meter readings taken?

They are taken every two months. It is a legal requirement so as to not waste energy, and to ensure we are more respectful of the environment and we take care of the planet.

How is my reading taken?

The staff responsible take it by taking a photo of the meter on a mobile phone. This system ensures a reliable reading, making it possible to detect any errors.

What happens if my meter is located inside my property?

It is necessary to permit access to the staff authorised to take real readings at least once a year. If you are not at home when they come, we recommend sending the reading to avoid estimations.

We remind you that:

As provided for in RD 1434/2002, consumers are obliged to allow staff members authorised by the distribution company to enter the premises or property subject to the contracted service during working hours, so they may carry out the distributor’s actions, including taking the meter reading.