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Connection charges

What does a connection charge include? What tariffs regulate this charge?

Connection charges represent payment to the natural gas distribution companies whenever a new user contracts a piped gas supply. The distribution company will inspect the receiving installation and, after the authorised installer issues a certificate, will proceed to install and seal the user’s metering device, if necessary.

Connection charges apply to new supplies and increasing existing supplies, and include the services of physical connection and installation verification.

Prices3. TF + X·QdResto TF + X*QdMáximo resto de tarifas
Castilla la Mancha70,2172,42104,23106,82108,000,08636,00
Castilla León66,8969,5998,8698,8698,860,09594,61
Basque Country86,1986,19129,32129,32120,850,09719,85

(*) VAT not included

Mains connection charges

What does a connection charge include? What tariffs regulate this charge?

The mains connection charges represent payment to the gas distribution companies for undertaking all the installations and/or operations necessary to create a new gas supply point or increasing capacity at an already existing gas supply point.

Prices (€)
(annual consumption)<5.000 kWh>5.000 <15.000>15.000<50.000>50.000<100.000>100.000

(*) VAT not included

Circular 6/2020, of 22 July, of the National Markets and Competition Commission (Official Spanish State Gazette no. 202 of 25 July 2020) changes the structure of access tolls as of 1 October 2021, reclassifying the tariff groups in force until 30 September 2021 into new tolls.

For example, long-standing customers with tariff 3.1 will now have tariff RL.1 tolls.

The table below shows how the tariff groups correspond to each other:

Natural gas tolls

Meter rental

Nedgia offers its supply company customers rental of the meters listed in the following price tables:

Nedgia offers customers on group 3 tariffs the meters shown in the following tables (pursuant to Order IET/2445/2014 of 19/12/2014 Annex III for supply pressures ≤ 4 bar):

We offer more piston and turbine meters with other calibres in PN 16 and 1:20 dynamic range. Queries to:

Type: Diaphragm meter compliant with UNE-EN 1359:1999 / 2006. Dynamic range: 1:160. Maximum pressure: 0.5 bar

TypeCaliber(G)Maximum quantity m3hThread (")Distance outlet (mm)Order Price IET/2445/2014 de 19/12/2014   Attached III (Psum ≤ 4 bar) Group 3
Membrane 4 6 7/8"1600,70
Membrane 6 10 1 1/4"250 0,74
Membrane 16 25 2"250 5,87
Membrane 16 25 2"280 5,87

Type: Pistons Dynamic: 1:20. Nominal pressure: 16 bar Flanges: Fixed, compliant with DIN PN 16 Emitter: Low frequency

TypeCaliber (G)Maximum quantity m3h        DN                  Distance outlet (mm)Order Price IET/2445/2014 de 19/12/2014   Attached III (Psum ≤ 4 bar) Group 3
Pistons  16  25 50  171   5,87 

(*) VAT not included