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Would you like to provide your meter reading?

It has never been so easy! Nedgia offers you with 4 quick and easy ways to provide your gas meter reading from the comfort of your own home, via telephone or website.
Natural gas meter

1. YoLeoGas App

You can send us your reading easily via the new mobile application YoLeoGas, available on Google Play and the Apple Store. You will only need to register your personal details the first time you log in. After this, you can simply send us a photo of your reading, which will be received by our system.

Telephone contact

2. Reading telephone number

If you would like to give us your meter reading via telephone, just call us on 900 770 770, a free telephone line for giving readings, open 24 hours a day.

In order to give the reading you will need the reference number found on your bills, or your DNI, and the reading value.

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3. Notice board

On the board that we will place in your community informing you of the date of your next reading, you have a space to fill in the meter reading. You should only note down the whole numbers, that is, the digits to the left of the comma. If you have any problems identifying them, contact our Customer service.

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Gestiones online

4. Online form

You can provide your meter reading by filling in the following form.

All you need is your Spanish ID number or CUPS and the value of the reading. The CUPS is the Universal Supply Point Code that identifies the home or business that receives the energy supply. You can find your CUPS code on the bills you receive from the marketing company.

In conformity with current legislation, meter readings are the responsibility of the distribution network company in your area, which will send its readings to the corresponding marketing company.

Readings will be taken on a bimonthly basis except for customers who consume more than 100,000 kWh, whose readings will be taken monthly.

How is my reading taken?

The staff member responsible will do it via mobile phone and will take a photograph of the reading at the same time. This system ensures the reliability of the reading, as potential errors can be spotted before calculating the consumption.

If your meter is outside your home, it should be accessible with an approved meter key.

If your meter is inside your home and you are not at home, we recommend that you send us your reading in order to avoid estimates (our staff must take your reading at least once per year).

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Download the free YoLeoGas app


  • You can use this application to send meter readings if your gas distributor is Nedgia (Gas Natural Fenosa Group), Redaxis Gas, Nortegas or Madrileña Gas Network. You can do it comfortably and easily, and you can also monitor your gas consumption.
  • Registering the gas meter in your home can be done in just a few steps.
  • Once your meter is registered you will be able to send readings. All you need to do its select it and take a photo using YoLeoGas for it to be sent.
  • After you send the reading it will tell you if it has been successful.
  • If you wish, it will remind you when to send the photo of your gas meter.


Download it at:


Google Play


Apple Store