Inspección de gas natural. Técnico y clienta con mascarillas APP YoLeoGas At Nedgia we manage all the services needed for the development, operation and maintenance of the gas in your home. We also make all the necessary measuring and verification elements available for businesses. Our natural gas services for homes and businesses



We install the infrastructure for the natural gas service in your home, we carry out the necessary technical operations as well as the periodic and mandatory inspections and we have our 24-hour emergency service.


Servicios gas natural



Connection rights, regulated rates, subscriber rights and meter rental.


Technical operations


Reopening, suspension of supplies, meter change, readings and other distributor operations.


Save energy at home


Identificación personal Nedgia

Identify our staff


Avisos que dejaremos en tu hogar

Types of Nedgia notices


Urgencias 24h Nedgia

24 hour emergency service



At Nedgia we help companies reduce energy consumption and work in clean environments, with controlled processes and efficient fuels.

Ahorro con gas natural

Efficient tips for energy saving in companies


Find out what actions your company can take to reduce energy consumption.

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industria gas natural

Benefits of natural gas for the industrial sector


Discover the uses of natural gas in the industrial sector in regard to power generation and transport

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Contadores y servicios de medición gas natural

Meters and measuring services


Meter rental and transfer, volume conversion devices, measurement and telemetry equipment check-ups.

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