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Our natural gas services for homes and businesses

At Nedgia we manage all the services needed for the development, operation and maintenance of the gas in your home. We also make all the necessary measuring and verification elements available for businesses.


We install the infrastructure for natural gas in your home, carry out the necessary technical operations and regular mandatory inspections, and provide a 24 hour emergency service.


Connection rights, regulated tariffs, subscription rights, and meter rentals.

Technical operations

Reconnections, supply cut-offs, meter changes, taking readings, and other operations by your distributor.

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24 hour emergency service

Emergencies service

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At Nedgia we help businesses reduce their energy consumption and work in clean environments, with controlled processes and efficient fuels.

Meters and measuring services

Rental and assignment of meters, volume conversion devices, verification of measuring equipment and telemetry equipment.

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Benefits of natural gas for the industrial sector

Discover the uses of natural gas in the industrial sector, power generation and transportation.

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