Our natural gas services for your company

At Nedgia we are responsible for the development, operation and maintenance of the gas distribution network for your business.

Whether you are a large business or an SME, natural gas provides huge benefits for industrial processes.

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Meters and measuring

Necessary metering and verification elements, based on your consumption and current legislation.

Contador telemedida


Telemetry equipment that records gas consumption, on a rental basis.

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How can I save in my business?

Discover tips to make good use of natural gas and keep your installation in good condition.

You’ll save energy and money.

Energy saving tips

6 benefits of natural gas for the industrial sector

Ideal for clean environments, controlled processes and highly efficient, reliable fuels.

Number 1

Continuous supply

No storage tanks required, thereby avoiding the risks associated with paying up front for fuel. What’s more, natural gas provides peace of mind, as it is a reliable energy that is always available, allowing you to better manage the production process.

Number two

It doesn’t require any preparation prior to use

In contrast to other fuels, such as oil or coal.

Number 3

Clean combustion

Natural gas equipment and burners are easier to clean, require less maintenance and remain in good condition for longer.

Number 4

Natural gas combustion can be instantly switched off

When the heat demand of the devices that use it ceases. This makes it very useful for adapting to the varying operational needs of the production process.

Number 5

Highly precise regulation

This means we can keep the temperature constant.

Number 6

High calorific power

With the correct amount of fuel, the equipment performs better.

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Uses of natural gas

Natural gas is one of the best energy sources for industries using furnaces or boilers in their production processes; for power generation it is the most economic and the one that produces the least environmental impact; and in transportation, it is a great substitute vehicular fuel for petrol and diesel.