Users whose annual consumption exceeds 5 GWh/year, consumers with 3.5 access tariffs and consumers with contracts lasting less than 1 year should have telemetry equipment that records their gas consumption, in line with Order IET/2446/2013 of 27 December, establishing the tariffs and fees associated with third party access to gas installations and payment for regulated activities.

Failure to comply with these regulations may incur penalties for the user.

Rent telemetry equipment


Nedgia offers consumers the option to rent telemetry equipment under the following tariffs:

For consumers connected to gas distribution networks with a supply pressure equal to or less than 4 bar, the regulated price is:

Equipment for one single measurement line: €76.99/month

Increase for each additional measurement line: €14.76/month

For consumers connected to gas distribution networks with a supply pressure above 4 bar, the unregulated price is:

1, 2 or 3 channel remote measurement device (up to three measurement lines): €136.81/month

Remote unit integrated into converter with 1 measuring channel: €100.70/month

Standard remote unit processing 1 Flow Computer (FC): €210.99/month

Standard remote unit processing 2 Flow Computer (FC): €276.92/month

Standard remote unit processing 3 Flow Computer (FC): €331.71/month

Rental prices include:

  • Cost of communications module.
  • Value of cabinet and its preparation.
  • Feed source (internal or external).
  • ATEX protection barriers.
  • Installation cost.
  • SIM and related telephone costs.
  • Corrective maintenance, with customer service for between 3 and 7 working days depending on severity of issue.
  • Changing batteries in remote equipment integrated into converters.
  • Replacement equipment if it cannot be repaired on site.
  • User access via a website to personal data about daily/hourly consumption.

The prices do not include:

  • Installation of electricity supply or electricity consumption.

These prices not include VAT.

The prices stated are per device and measurement unit installed at the same gas regulation and measurement station.

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