Operator monitoring incidents screens

Thinking of your safety


Nedgia offers an Emergency Service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Freephone service on 900 750 750


We explain how it all works!

How does it work?

This service covers the necessary steps to both eliminate and reduce any risk and to return your gas supply to normal.

Freephone service on 900 750 750

When should you call?

Call us if you think there might be any risk caused by natural gas or you notice a supply fault, such as high or low pressure or a lack of gas.

Nedgia specialists will classify the incident according to the risk or severity and will tell you over the telephone what you should do. If the problem cannot be resolved over the telephone, they will send a specialised technician from Nedgia to eliminate the risks.

What should you know?

The Emergency Service does not cover any repairs to the gas installation from the supply valve, unless the installation belongs to Nedgia.


Please remember that, for shared areas in your building, it is the owner or their representative who must take responsibility for conservation and maintenance. Inside your home you must keep the installation in perfect condition and make proper use of the same.

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