These are the main technical operations that your distribution company will carry out to certify the correct and safe operation of your natural gas installation.

IRI reconnection: without certificate, with certificate(1), following debt settlement(2)

Operation for connecting your individual installation. To do so, the engineer will conduct a leak test on your installation, check that your boiler or heater is burning correctly and check that any other irregularity leading to the disconnection of the installation has been rectified. If unusual or incorrect meter operation is also detected, this may also be replaced.

IRC reconnection without certificate

Operation for connecting all supply points on entirely or partially disconnected shared installations. In this operation, the engineer will check the seal on the installation, regardless of whether it is a communal or personal installation. In homes where the client is absent, they will leave them a notice with all the necessary information to rearrange the supply.

Supply disconnection

This implies rescission of the contract and steps to ensure the safe status of the individual installation. The engineer will remove the meter and leave the installation in a safe condition.

Meter replacement

For this operation, the engineer will replace the meter with another similar meter and conduct a leak test on the installation.

Disconnection at the request of the marketing company

An operation to cut-off the gas supply due to an outstanding debt with the marketing company. To do so, the engineer will cut-off, block and seal the installation until the customer settles the debt.

Meter removal for building work

An operation to remove the meter for building or renovation work. During this operation, the engineer will shut-off, block and seal the installation, leaving the disassembled meter at the customer’s property.

Property or IRC data verification

An operation aimed at confirming various data associated with a property, structure, street, number or meter battery organisation.

Reading verification

An operation to verify the reading and data from the meter, as well as to identify the supply point.


Download the list of home tariffs per autonomous region here

Further information

See the list of engineers authorised and certified by Sedigas to undertake domestic operations for Nedgia

*Glossary of terms

Shared receiving installation (IRC): A series of conduits and accessories between the supply valve (excluded) and the device connection valves (included), excluding the connections leading to the devices.

Individual receiving installation (IRI): A series of conduits and accessories between, as appropriate: the user valve (in the case of a shared installation); or the supply or building valve (when supplying a single user).

Certificate: A document issued by an authorised installation company that guarantees any defect (attributable to poor installation) in the installation for a certain period of time and against any derivative consequences.

Leak test: A check to ensure no leaks in the individual or shared installation.

Combustion test: A check to ensure correct hygiene during the combustion process.

(1) Whenever equipment has been replaced with new equipment with different characteristics and/or changes have been made to more than one metre of the installation(2). Whenever the customer has settled a debt with their supply company.