Revisión inspección periódica

Learn about the specific procedures in some autonomous communities

Important notice about periodic inspections in some autonomous communities.

Periodic inspection in Madrid
Periodic inspection in Castile and León

Action protocol

During the inspections, combustion tests will be conducted on the hot water production equipment due to a need for this to operate at maximum power, meaning there will be a certain volume of water for consumption that you will be able to use for other purposes.

Find out about the action protocol to be followed by our technicians to ensure the inspection is carried out safely.

tarjeta de identificación nedgia

Presentation of Nedgia accreditation

presencia de un adulto en el domicilio

The visit can only be carried out if there is an adult in your home

el técnico preguntará dónde deja el material

They will ask you where to leave material

Limpiaremos y dejaremos todo como estaba antes de la visita

We will leave the home as we found it

explicación de los documentos a firmar

Explanation of the documents to sign and delivery of copies

el técnico dará respuesta a todas tus preguntas

They will answer all your questions

visita de inspección programada

You will be informed as to when the next visit will be

Consult Royal Decree 984/2015 here (pages: 103546-103548; 103551; 103563 -103567) regulating the organised gas market and access by third parties to installations of the natural gas system