Here are all the different types of Nedgia warnings and posters that you might find in your home.

buzones carta nedgia
Carta inspección periódica

Periodic inspection notification

Notification sent to consumers notifying them of the next periodic inspection.

Carta inspección periódica segundo aviso

Regular inspection letter 2nd notification

Notification sent to consumers notifying the day and hours during which the regular inspection will be performed.

carta de aviso

Regular inspection notice poster

Poster provided by Nedgia showing the day and times when the regular inspection will be performed. This card is sent to all people who have previously received the regular inspection letter, taking into account that is not always carried out in all the homes in one property in the same year.

Tarjeta de ausencia de inspección periódica

Absent regular inspection card

Sheet filled in by Nedgia’s qualified staff member if the consumer is not at home.

Justificante corrección anomalías JCA

Anomaly correction form

Document filled in by the installer, the technician from the authorised company or the Technical Assistance officer to report that the anomalies detected during the inspection have been corrected. This document must be sent to Nedgia.

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Guía práctica inspección periódica

Practical Guide to the Regular Inspection

This practical guide concisely explains all the checks that will be performed during the regular inspection of your gas installation.

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