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Notification letter three months prior to the Inspection

By law, a periodic inspection must be performed every five years. Nedgia will write to you three months before the time comes to perform an inspection. Remember that one inspection must be performed in the public areas (IRC) and another in your home (IRI), and that the two inspections might not be performed at the same time.

Once you have received the letter, you can choose us (Nedgia, your gas distribution company) to perform the inspection or you can opt for an approved gas installation company. If you opt for an installation company, that company will be responsible for submitting the inspection certificate to us before the date indicated in the letter. If we do not receive this certificate, we will understand that you want us, Nedgia, to perform the inspection. Remember that this decision with regards to the Communal Installation Inspection falls on the residents’ association connected to the grid.

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Notification letter 15 days prior to the Inspection

If we have not received the corresponding inspection certificate (IRC and/or IRI) because you undertook the inspection with another installation company, we will understand that you want us to perform the inspection.  We will therefore send you another letter a few days prior to the inspection to notify you of the date and time slot for the visit, as well as the contact details of the company that will perform the inspection.

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Notification poster on the property

One week before the inspection, we will hang a poster on the property to inform you of the date and time slot for the communal and/or private inspection. Remember that you are responsible for providing us with access to your property so we can perform the inspection. In the case that you are not able to be at home at the scheduled time, you can call the installation company indicated on the poster to arrange a more convenient time.

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Inspection visit

The technician will perform the corresponding inspection (IRC and/or IRI) and will deliver the inspection certificate if there are no problems or, otherwise, the anomalies report.

Remember that the individual inspection will require access to your home. It is therefore very important that you let us in when we visit

  • Satisfactory. Your installation has passed the inspection. The technician will deliver the Periodic Inspection Certificate.
  • Unsatisfactory. Anomalies that need to be corrected have been detected. The technician will deliver an anomalies report indicating the defects requiring correction.
  • Not possible / Absent. The inspection could not be carried out and a new visit must be arranged.
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Remember that you will not be asked to pay for anything during the visit by the technician.

We will charge the cost of the IRI inspection and the IRC inspection to your supply company so it can be added to your gas bill.

Remember that these costs might arrive separately and, in both cases, the cost of the visit by the technician will be separate from the administrative cost.