I have not passed the regular inspection. Now what do I do?

If you have failed the Regular Inspection, whether it is a Building or Individual Inspection, you should contact an installer or licensed company/SAT so that they can correct the anomalies detected. Once they have been fixed, the technician will fill out the anomaly correction form.

A list of installation companies can be found on the website of the ministerial department: sedeaplicaciones.minetur.gob.es.

No he superado la inspección

Who rectifies the anomalies?

The installer or authorised company, or the technical assistance service.

Remember that the installer who performs the inspection will not be able to repair the anomalies during the inspection visit.

What should be done after the anomaly has been rectified?

Once the anomaly has been corrected, the authorised installer or your gas device’s technical service must provide you with a copy of the anomaly correction form and send us a copy, scanned or in a full-page photo, through the private collaborators’ area on our website. Otherwise, you can send it to us by email to documentacioninspeccion@nedgia.es.

What happens if I don’t send the anomaly correction form?

We will not have any proof that the anomalies have been corrected and your installation will show as not complying with current legislation. The competent body in your Autonomous Region is regularly notified of the installations with anomalies and your gas supply could be cut off. 

How do I complete the anomaly correction form?

If you want to know how to complete the anomaly correction form, download the instructions here.