Do I have to pay for the regular inspection?

You should not make any payments at the time of the inspection, regardless of whether the inspection is being done by us or a gas installation company.

We will charge the cost of the IRI inspection and the IRC inspection to your supply company so it can be added to your gas bill.

Remember that these costs might arrive separately and, in both cases, the cost of the visit by the technician will be separate from the administrative cost.

The cost of the IRC is set according to a distribution criterion.

coste inspección periódica

Below, you will find the regulated tariffs charged for periodic inspections undertaken by distribution companies in your autonomous region of Spain.

Is it possible for the cost of the IRI to be covered by other private gas maintenance services?

Yes, some maintenance services cover this cost but you should query this with your service provider.

Identify our personnel

Always ask for professional credentials and be suspicious of unplanned visits from companies without authorisation.

icono acreditación
Request accreditation

Nedgia personnel should always be properly identified with a Nedgia ID card.

Remember, you should not make any payments at the time of the inspection. The cost of the inspection will be added to your regular bill from your supply company.

icono check
Check that the uniform has either the Nedgia logo or that of the accredited company

The member of staff who visits you should always be wearing the proper Nedgia uniform or that of the approved company.

If you are unsure, please call the Customer Service Helpline on 900 100 252.

icono reparación
Periodic Inspection process, meter reading or response to any emergency that may arise

Once the above two points have been checked, the member of staff from Nedgia or the company approved for undertaking Periodic Inspections will perform the work as quickly as professionally possible.