IRC Instalación receptora común

The Periodic Inspection of the Communal Receiving Installation consists of a check on the gas installation in your block

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What is the Communal Receiving Installation inspection?

This is the check performed on the gas installation in your block. This installation comprises the valves and pipes needed to carry the gas from the mains connection of the distribution company to the gas installations in each home within your residential block.

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When should my residents’ association undertake a gas inspection on the communal installation?

According to current legislation, an inspection should be performed on the installation in public areas every five years. NEDGIA will inform all the residents in your block who are connected to the grid in writing (by letter) when an inspection is due and should be performed.

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Are the inspections on the individual installation inside my home and the gas installation in my block performed at the same time?

These inspections are performed every five years but not always at the same time. NEDGIA will inform all the residents in your block who are connected to the grid in writing when an inspection is due

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Who can my residents’ association choose to perform the periodic inspection of the communal gas installation inspection? You have two choices

  • You can have NEDGIA, your gas distribution company, perform the inspection
  • Or you can opt for an approved gas installation company. You can find a list of approved installation companies at

The company performing the inspection of your gas installation will be responsible for submitting the certificate containing the result to us via the website.

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How much will it cost us and how can we pay for it?

In neither case will you need to pay anything at the time of the visit by the technician to your home. The inspection fee will be charged to the corresponding supply company so it can include it on the gas bill of each resident.

You can find our inspection fees in the attached files. As you can see, the cost of the inspection is regulated and controlled by each regional government of Spain. This is why, in some regions, the cost is shared among all the supply points in service connected to the installation while, in others, it is a fixed cost per home.

If you opt for an installation company, you will need to agree the cost with them.