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Your natural gas installation requires regular inspections in order to guarantee optimal use of the energy and the highest level of safety in its use. We will answer any questions you might have about how the regular inspection works.

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What is the regular inspection and how does it affect me?

Your natural gas installation must be inspected once every 5 years to check that it complies with technical and safety requirements.

This inspection can be done by a licensed installation company or your natural gas distribution company.

The maintenance, conservation and correct use of the gas installation is the responsibility of its owner or user.

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What are the possible outcomes of the regular inspection?

  • Satisfactory. Your installation was in order at the time of the inspection
  • Unsatisfactory. Anomalies have been detected, that need to be corrected.
  • Absent. The inspection could not be carried out and
    a new visit must be arranged.
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What is checked in the regular inspection?

  1. The absence of any natural gas leaks from the installation.
  2. The natural gas pipes (visible and accessible parts) are checked
  3. Ventilation conditions and the location of the meters
  4. Ventilation of premises containing natural gas appliances
  5. The natural gas connection with the appliances
  6. Heater and boiler flues
  7. Combustion check in natural gas water heaters, boilers and oven hobs
  8. The working conditions of appliances using natural gas

Remember: these activities require access to your home so it’s very important that you let us in when we visit.

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How is an installation kept in good condition?

  1. Keep the area round the heater or boiler clean and accessible
  2. Do not tamper with the installation or gas appliances in any way. Seek professional assistance
  3. Do not prevent air from entering inlets and do not obstruct ventilation
  4. Do not hang items over the gas pipes or their valves
  5. Do not keep combustible products near gas appliances
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What happens if I do not allow the inspection to be carried out?

Your natural gas installation requires certain maintenance to ensure it is usable. Do not let the inspection go by, it is for your safety. If it does not pass the inspection, the relevant authority in your Autonomous Community will be notified and they may withhold your natural gas supply

Contact our Customer Service by calling 900 100 252, between Monday – Saturday 8 am – 10 pm, to make an appointment

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How does a regular inspection done by a third party work?

Only an authorised gas installer may carry out the certified regular inspection.

Inspections performed by installation companies