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Depending on the circumstances of each case, the irregular manipulation of gas installations constitutes an offence or misdemeanour as per the Criminal Code (Articles 255 and 623) that seriously endangers the physical integrity of people (those persons undertaking such actions, as well as those living with them and their neighbours) and property.
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Fraud also represents a lack of solidarity with others, as the cost of the energy taken from the system by the fraudster is paid by other customers who comply with their obligations.

Article 62 of Royal Decree 1434/2002, outlines that fraud will be considered to be an action or omission intended to modify or impede the measurement of contracted supply, to the detriment of the distributor or marketing company. Article 56 of the aforementioned Royal Decree empowers distribution companies to interrupt supply when anomalous situations are detected in installations or measurement devices.

How can you report tampering with natural gas installations?

Reporting tampering with the grid, gas installations or measuring instruments is important because it helps maintain the safety and integrity of the system and prevents accidents from occurring. You can report anomalous situations to the distribution company through the following form:

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You are going to report a case of fraud in the gas installations. If you wish to report an incident related with other processes, such as meter readings, periodic inspections, connection, etc., please get in touch with our customer service department by calling 900 100 252.

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