We help you in the customer gas connection process through digital messages.


 Find out the progress of the request

 See the messages that Nedgia sends to the customer

Receive alerts for pending tasks

Digital messages

Request progress

You will automatically receive a personalised email/SMS in real-time that summarises the progress made and the next steps. You will be able to view this message on any mobile device, tablet or computer.

You will see what the customer receives.

You will have access to the message in the same format as the customer so that you can see exactly what they see, with a comprehensive and clear illustrative drawing of the progress made and the next steps.

You will receive alerts for pending tasks

This reminds you that you have tasks pending

This informs you that a connection status has changed

How do I check the progress of the connection request?

Our source of information is the Expansion Support Tool, known as HSE. You can all access it using your username and password.

HSE can only send messages if it has your and the customer’s mobile phone number and email. You must ensure that your details are up to date in the new installer contact module that we have created.

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