Connection and subscription charges


Subscription charges: The mains connection charges represent payment to the gas distribution companies for undertaking all the installations and/or operations necessary to create a new gas supply point or increasing capacity at an already existing gas supply point.
Tarifas (€)
(Consumo anual)<5.000 kWh>5.000 <15.000>15.000<50.000>50.000<100.000>100.000

Connection charges: Connection charges apply to new supplies and increasing existing supplies, and include the services of physical connection and installation verification.

Castilla la Mancha84,9587,63126,12129,25
Castilla León80,9484,2119,62119,62
País Vasco104,29104,29156,47156,47
Extremadura88,50  88,50123,98 157,12

(*) These prices include 21% VAT

1 Applicable tariff for use of hot water for kitchen

2 Applicable tariff for use of central heating, hot water and kitchen 

Meter rental


Nedgia offers its supply company customers rental of the meters listed in the following price tables:

Nedgia offers customers on group 3 tariffs the meters shown in the following tables (pursuant to Order IET/2445/2014 of 19/12/2014 Annex III for supply pressures ≤ 4 bar):

We offer more piston and turbine meters with other calibres in PN 16 and 1:20 dynamic range. Queries to:

Type: Diaphragm meter compliant with UNE-EN 1359:1999 / 2006. Dynamic range: 1:160. Maximum pressure: 0.5 bar

Tipo Calibre(G) Qmax m3h Rosca (")Dist. Bocas (mm)Precio Orden IET/2445/2014 de 19/12/2014 Anexo III (Psum ≤ 4 bar) Grupo 3
Membrana 4 6 7/8"1600,70
Membrana 6 10 1 1/4"250 0,74
Membrana 16 25 2"250 5,87
Membrana 16 25 2"280 5,87

Type: Piston meters Dynamic range: 1:20.   Nominal pressure: 16 bar   Flanges: Fixed, compliant with DIN PN 16 Emitter: Low frequency

Tipo Calibre(G)Qmax m3h DN Dist.Bocas(mm) Precio Orden IET/2445/2014 de 19/12/2014 Anexo III (Psum ≤ 4 bar) Grupo 3
Pistones 16 25 50 171 5,87

These prices include 21% VAT.