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Access contracts

View Type 1 and Type 2 Access Contracts

The people who subscribe to Third Party Network Access (TPA) contracts are the supply companies (who supply natural gas to the end user) and infrastructure owners (transport companies or distributors) who own the networks to which the supply points are connected for each contract.

The supply company who establishes the supply contract with the end user is the one who requests the network owner to establish a corresponding contract for third-party access to the network.

Owners of Transport and Distribution Company facilities within the Spanish Gas Association, SEDIGAS, have developed an IT application called SCTD (Transport-Distribution Communication System), to enable all users involved in establishing third party access contracts to carry out the necessary administrative tasks for those contracts.


Type 1 Access Contracts

Should be used when the procuring supply company already has a contract signed with the transport company regarding entry points.

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Type 2 Access Contracts

Necessary when the supply company and the distributor do not have a contract regarding direct entry points for the gas and the gas will enter through another supply company.

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Measuring and distributing

Consult the indexes used for distribution of domestic/commercial consumption.


The attached document details the indexes applied for distributing domestic/commercial consumption included in aggregate billing for third-party access to the network, like the indexes for RMS (Regulation and Measuring Stations) emissions representative of the market, for calculating daily quotas when deciding on final distribution quantities.

It also shows the emissions indexes representative of the domestic/commercial market used for calculating the final distribution in order to assign daily consumption limits.


Distribution procedures

As a distributor, Nedgia provides the Gas System Technical Manager and the Transport Companies with the relevant distribution data for the gas carried through their infrastructure on day n+1.

In compliance with the system technical management rules, the distribution will be the quantity of gas transported, re-gasified, distributed and stored by the different members involved in the gas system.


System technical manager

Regulatory provisions and applicable standards for the measuring, quality and odorisation of gas.

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Gas quality readings

Check readings for municipalities with satellite plants for liquefied natural gas.

Gas quality parameters by municipality.

You can see the gas quality readings broken down by municipality, and daily, monthly or bimonthly frequency on the following link.


Below is a table with the information relating to the gas quality readings. The reading is a daily average. You can also consult the information relating to the monthly and bimonthly meter readings.

In compliance with the amended Detailed Protocol 01 concerning the Gas System Technical Management Rules, published in the Official State Gazette (BOE) on 3 October 2011, gas quality readings, broken down by municipality, are now available to users.