We are the Naturgy group company that is leading natural gas distribution in Spain. We supply natural gas to 70% of consumers and operate in 11 autonomous communities through our different distribution companies.

As a distribution company, we are responsible for the development, operation and maintenance of the more than 53,800 kilometres of gas network that are connected to more than 5.4 million supply points in almost 1,150 municipalities, that transport gas to the distribution companies’ end users.

At Nedgia, we are firmly committed to the decisive contribution of natural gas to improving air quality in Spanish cities. To that end, we are working to develop innovative and efficient solutions to bring natural gas to new users and promote new uses for gas, such as sustainable mobility as an alternative to traditional fuels and renewable gas as a sustainable and competitively affordable option for building a carbon-free energy system and combating climate change.

We are responsible for the development, operation and maintenance of over 53,800 km of natural gas network in over 1,150 municipalities.

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Natural gas improves air quality in cities

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