In partnership with the local council authorities in El Papiol, we are launching a pioneering pilot scheme to gather natural gas consumption data via a remote meter reading system.
The initiative forms part of the RIS3CAT project by the Regional Government of Catalonia, which is partly funded by the European ERDF fund.
Calle de El Papiol (Barcelona)

El Papiol, 1,228 supply points

The pilot scheme consists of installing remote measurement devices on the natural gas meters of all supply points in the municipality of El Papiol (Barcelona).

Therefore, a small data transmitter must be installed on the natural gas meters of all 1,228 supply points in the town.

During the pilot scheme, which will last approximately 20 months, Nedgia will obtain consumption data from the meter, which will be used exclusively within this R&D initiative in order to improve and digitalise the services that we provide as a natural gas distributor.

The Nedgia customers in El Papiol will receive an informative letter with all the details of this pilot scheme and an informative notice will be posted in the buildings to facilitate the installation logistics.

Installation in 15 minutes and at no cost to the customer

The work to install the transmitters will not cost customers anything because it will be paid for by Nedgia. The installation takes just 15 minutes and does not interrupt the natural gas supply. It also does not affect the way the meter works or how it records consumption, so the meter readings and natural gas invoices will be carried out just as they currently are.

If the device is incompatible with the natural gas meter installed, the company will set the date and time of the change and the Nedgia technicians will replace it with a new one of the same characteristics and install the transmitter device. The supply will be interrupted for less than half an hour in these cases.

The data and information collected will be processed under the strictest data protection criteria currently in force under European regulations and will only be used for the scientific purposes sought by the project.

Once the pilot scheme has concluded, the company will contact customers to remove the transmitter device and leave the meter in the same situation as before the analysis.

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RIS3CAT Project

This initiative forms part of the RIS3CAT (P4 MODEM) project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) through the ACCIÓ Agency for Company Competition managed by the Regional Government of Catalonia, of which Nedgia is a member.

This project promotes digital transformation in the utilities sector (companies providing services) and is based on incorporating and developing 4.0 tools and solutions capable of guaranteeing improved services and network and infrastructure security.

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