Celestina López, new General Manager of Operations of NEDGIA in the northern zone

Celestina López, directora de NEDGIA Castilla y León Appointments

Juan Antonio Pazos, who was the general manager until now, will go on to run the NEDGIA’s Residential Commercial Department in the northern zone.

Celestina López, who has been appointed as General Manager of Gas Distribution Operations at NEDGIA in the northern zone, will combine her management of NEDGIA Castile and León with that of the distribution companies in Galicia, La Rioja and Navarre.

NEDGIA, the natural gas distribution company of the Naturgy group, has appointed Celestina López as the new General Manager of Gas Distribution Operations of NEDGIA in the northern zone of the company. López will combine the management of operations of the NEDGIA natural gas distribution companies in Castile and León, Galicia, La Rioja and Navarre.

The new General Manager of Gas Distribution Operations of NEDGIA in the northern zone is from Logroño and has a degree in agricultural engineering from the Polytechnic University of Madrid. With almost 20 years of experience at the Naturgy group, Celestina López has held various positions of responsibility within the field of natural gas distribution, including management of NEDGIA Aragón, NEDGIA Rioja, NEDGIA Navarra and Cegas in the Region of Valencia.

The new General Manager of Gas Distribution Operations in the northern zone takes up the challenge of continuing the expansion of the natural gas distribution network and encouraging the new uses for this energy, which include the implementation of sustainable mobility with natural gas and the promotion of renewable gas.


New reality, new challenges

NEDGIA is firmly committed to a decisive contribution from natural gas to improving air quality in Spanish cities. To that end, it is working to develop innovative and efficient solutions for bringing natural gas to new users and promoting the new uses for gas, such as sustainable mobility as an alternative to traditional fuels or renewable gas as a sustainable and competitively affordable option for building a carbon-free energy system and combating climate change.

Furthermore, the company is working to digitalise all its processes in order to make the most of new technologies for making its business more efficient and effective, and connecting with the more technological and demanding reality.



NEDGIA, the gas distribution subsidiary of the Naturgy group, is the leader in natural gas distribution in Spain, where it operates through different companies in 11 regions. The company has over 5.3 million supply points and has more than 52,400 kilometres of network in almost 1,200 Spanish towns.

Valladolid, 19 September 2018


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