Seguimos innovando y
escribiendo nuestra historia
gracias a ti

It’s been 50 years since we started distributing and expanding

natural gas in Spain

A historic milestone that revolutionised our country’s homes and industries

History gives us the opportunity to remember where we have come from and also where we are going. And, this year, we have a special reason to celebrate: we have now played a role in the history of natural gas distribution for half a century.

Gas supply network in Barcelona and surrounding areas (1972)

Arrival of natural gas in 1969

The arrival of the first shipment of natural gas to Barcelona in 1969 revolutionised homes and industries across our country, as it marked the beginning of the end of gas production in factories. The beginning of direct natural gas supplies,
an energy with a higher calorific value and much more respectful of the environment than manufactured gas. It marked a great step forward for society and the economy. Since then, natural gas networks have been expanding at an unstoppable rate.

In order to expand natural gas it was necessary to create an infrastructure that would allow the regasification of liquefied natural gas that arrived by ship and so, after a decade of national and international negotiations, in 1970 the regasification plant in Barcelona was opened.

“The catalysts for growth have been the increase in the standard of living with the resulting demand for comfort, affecting the domestic sector, and the need to have a source of noble energy, such as natural gas, allowing higher quality in terms of final products to compete successfully in the markets” – Gas Natural News, June 1970

This significant change was implemented progressively.

The expansion of natural gas distribution networks was carried out in two phases (1969 – 1972 and 1985 – 1990), prioritising the arrival of natural gas to industrial customers with high energy demands and then to domestic customers.

In areas that did not previously have a manufactured gas infrastructure, distribution networks were developed, which involved the construction of kilometres of gas pipelines and conduits, while in areas that already had manufactured gas, only the operation known as gas switching was needed. In this way, the main areas of Barcelona and the surrounding areas had piped natural gas by 1971.

Expansion and development of the sector

The arrival of natural gas was a great success that would eventually be implemented across the rest of the country. In 1985, the Ministry of Industry and companies in the sector signed the so-called Protocol of Intentions for the development of gas in Spain. This great news helped to make up, in part, for the fact that the sector was historically some way behind Europe, where natural gas was already well established at that time.

This plan was the backbone of the complete expansion of natural gas as an energy source throughout the Spanish peninsula and involved the disappearance of all manufactured gas production facilities. In fact, gas production ended in 1997, which contributed to cleaner air in cities by eliminating the consumption of much more polluting fuel.

Since then, we have continued innovating and writing our own history thanks to you.

This is how we have contributed to history