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The activities by the group are developed in such a way as to make a positive contribution to environmental performance. Here are a few of the forecast objectives.

Targets set for 2018

Reduction in commissioning time. Speeding up all the procedures so the gas installation can be in use as soon as possible.

Improvement in the average time for settling claims. Reducing the times for responding to requests for information and settling claims or dealing with service requests.

Consolidation of the Smile-Costumer Experience Project in the commissioning process, attending to and informing customers from the moment they submit their installation request to when it is in service.

Optimisation of land reclamation by drainage, with the waste being taken to a landfill and the consequent use of resources.

Reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, which could stem from venting at Liquefied Natural Gas plants.

Development of projects with renewable gas generated from organic farm, agricultural and industrial waste, thus preventing CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

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