NEDGIA Castilla-La Mancha to convert Movialsa’s high-efficiency cogeneration plant to natural gas

Movialsa, Campo de Criptana, conversion to natural gas Distribution

With the renovation, the wine-making company is set to reduce its energy consumption and emissions, thereby helping to care for the environment.

NEDGIA’s Large Consumption manager for the central zone, María Carmen Cruz, and the managing director of MOVIALSA, Marcelino Chacón, signed an agreement whereby the wine-making company will convert its facilities located in Campo de Criptana (Ciudad Real) to natural gas.

MOVIALSA, a company of the Huertas Group, is currently focusing on renovating its facilities. Specifically, the cogeneration plant named “Movialsa I” will now operate on natural gas, a cleaner and more efficient source of energy that will allow the company to reduce its energy bills, in addition to a series of other advantages. In addition to high-efficiency electricity, this cogeneration plant also provides industrial cooling to ensure that the company’s wines ferment correctly, thermal energy to heat water to the high temperatures required for grape juice concentrate production, steam to distil alcohol and, lastly, thermal energy to dry out biomass.

Natural gas provides significant advantages such as financial savings compared to alternative energies, lower environmental emissions and supply continuity, which means that industrial applications associated with natural gas are increasingly valued.

About NEDGIA Castilla-La Mancha

NEDGIA, the gas distributor of the Naturgy group, is the leading company in the activity of natural gas distribution in Spain, where it operates through its different companies in eleven autonomous regions. In the region of Castile-La Mancha, its subsidiary NEDGIA Castilla-La Mancha has more than 270,500 natural gas supply points and manages a network of over 4,000 km covering 81 towns.