Nedgia Catalunya analyses the benefits of renewable gas for the local economy in Tarragona

Ignacio Cabané, NEDGIA Catalunya Renewable gas

The company is working with the city’s local council to organise the seminar entitled “Mobility, renewable gas and circular economy”.

Nedgia Catalunya, the gas distribution company of the Naturgy group, took part in the seminar entitled “Mobility, renewable gas and circular economy” in Tarragona earlier today, which was organised by the local council through Tarragona Impulsa.  

Tarragona City Council tries to create spaces for reflecting and sharing knowledge on current affairs that affect different business sectors. It this organised this seminar, at which various experts analysed the opportunities generated by natural gas in the circular economy, especially in the mobility sector, which is one of the most important sectors in the business estates of the city, such as Riuclar.

The opening session, which took place at Teatret del Serrallo, was attended by the Councillor for Education, Employment and Economic Development of Tarragona City Council, Francesc Roca, the Director for Corporate Development and Sustainability of the Port of Tarragona, Joan Maria Basora, and the Director-General for Environmental Quality of the Regional Government of Catalonia, Mercè Rius. 

During the seminar, the Deputy Director for Expansion of the Network for Industrial Clients, Mobility and Renewable Gas of NEDGIA Catalunya, Ignasi Cabané, and the Director of the European ECO-GATE Consortium, David Fernández, presented the possibilities brought by renewable gas as a present and future energy solution for achieving sustainable mobility.Ignasi Cabané explained the role played by renewable gas in waste management, and the production of energy and organic fertilisers in a circular economy.

The Director for Corporate Engineering Development at CARECO, Salvador Salat, then presented the conclusions reached by the study on a typical biomethane plant based on purines and municipal waste in Catalonia that is currently operating in Lérida.

Finally the event concluded with a round table debate on best practices and real cases involving professionals from leading companies in Spain and overseas, such as the Project Manager for Vehicular Gas at Seat Spain, Juan Andrés Martínez, the President of the Danish Biogas Association, Bruno Sander Nielsen, and the Director for Innovation and Strategic Projects at Servicios de la Comarca de Pamplona, S.A., Álvaro Miranda. 


Renewable gas  

Renewable gas is a never-ending energy supply with zero CO2 emissions that is also completely interchangeable with natural gas, meaning it can be distributed via the more than 87,000 kilometres of gas transmission and distribution pipelines in Spain.

Renewable gas is a clean, efficient and safe solution that, according to the EU, has great potential for European mobility in the future and could play a major role in decarbonising the transport sector and achieving a fully sustainable system for urban mobility.

This fuel is also produced locally and drives energy self-sufficiency, reduces dependency on external energy, resolves the problem of urban, livestock, agricultural and agri-food industry waste, helps structure the rural world by creating economic activity and new jobs in rural areas, and closes the cycle of the circular economy.

About NEDGIA Catalunya

NEDGIA, the gas distribution company of the Naturgy group, is the leader in natural gas distribution in Spain, where it operates through various companies in 11 regions.

NEDGIA Catalunya has 2.2 million supply points and more than 18,000 kilometres of network in 378,200 municipalities. The company seeks to promote and introduce renewable gas in Spain and thus help improve air quality and compliance with emissions reduction targets.