NEDGIA extends the period of its current public tender for installation companies until June 2019

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The aim is to simplify the registration process and make the economic conditions known in advance so that the collaborating companies can plan their long-term commercial operation.

NEDGIA changes the dynamics of its public tender for installation companies and extends the period of this year’s campaign until 30 June 2019.

Every January the company launches a public tender where the opportunities and conditions for working with NEDGIA are established. The installation companies can also make a bid at any time of the year. This tender, which is transparent and equal for all companies, defines the benefits that can be accessed with each new supply point assigned to the distribution company.


Simplification of processes and stability

The company is aiming to reduce administration and simplify the processes that collaborating companies have to go through at the start of the year by changing the dynamics of the tender. This means that the companies can make the most of the summer months because this is the most productive period of the year for securing new supply points.

NEDGIA maintains a clear commitment to expanding the use of natural gas and is aware of the enormous growth potential that the business of new natural gas installations has for collaborating companies. That is why the company wants to provide greater stability, strengthen the relationship of trust with the installers and offer them greater security to plan their long-term commercial operations.

The offer conditions and payments from 2018 will remain the same until the first half of 2019. The companies that have signed the public tender this year will not have to do any administration as they will be automatically renewed, and in summer 2019 a new public tender will be launched that does not need to be renewed every year. And the new companies that want to register for the NEDGIA public tender will now have a deadline of the end of June 2019.

Registration for the tender can be completed on the NEDGIA website ( or through the Canal Acerca, the support platform for collaborating companies (900 500 405 or



NEDGIA, the gas distribution subsidiary of the Naturgy group, is the leader in natural gas distribution in Spain, where it operates through different companies in 11 regions. The company has over 5.3 million supply points and has more than 52,400 kilometres of network in almost 1,200 Spanish towns.


Madrid, 02 October 2018


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