Nedgia launches new Commercial Policy for installation companies to incentivise new gas connections


The Naturgy group’s gas distribution company has revealed a new commercial strategy for 2023 aimed at promoting growth.

Nedgia will help expedite the process to connect new gas customers by offering new digital tools for installation companies and more attractive incentives for getting connected.

  • Partnerships will be strengthened with more than 4,000 installation companies and professionals in the sector by supporting their business through economic incentives.

Nedgia, the Naturgy group’s gas distribution company, recently launched its first public tender process for installation professionals and companies in all the autonomous regions of Spain where it operates. This new strategy is aimed at stimulating the gas installation sector, and will potentially benefit more than 4,000 companies while strengthening the close ties that it has with the guilds and associations to which these installers belong.

This public tender process enables those installation companies certified by the competent body of the corresponding regional government to receive a financial incentive for processing new requests from customers for connection to Nedgia’s gas distribution network. In turn, installation companies can provide their customers with offers and discounts for natural gas installation.

Advantages for new gas customers

Customers requesting an installation from Nedgia directly (through its online or telephone channels) will also enjoy economic benefits. Nedgia has various offers and campaigns that consist of a transfer into the customer’s bank account once the service is up and running. With this help from Nedgia, customers can minimise the investment needed to get a gas connection installed.

Procedures are made simple for the customer, for whom the installation company will act as intermediary. This will lead to greater speed and quality in commissioning due to increased coordination between Nedgia and the installation company. Furthermore, new customers will be able to enjoy offers and discounts off the installation price to reduce the cost of their investment.

Benefits for installation companies

Taking part in the public tender process by Nedgia represents a competitive advantage for installation companies and an opportunity to build loyalty among their customers. It will also lead to additional revenue upon receiving monetary compensation for commercial activity and the management of requests from their customers for connection to the Nedgia gas network. It also makes the commercial activity undertaken by these installation companies a bit easier through offers and installation finance for their customers. Furthermore, through access to Nedgia systems, these installation companies will be able to accompany their customers through the gas installation process because they will always have up-to-date information to hand.

Installation companies that want to receive gas supply connection requests from customers via the channels set up by Nedgia for this purpose will be able to create an account in the Private Area (the Nedgia Marketplace) and publish a profile with their rates, for free. The available offers by autonomous region can be found here.

Installation companies can also make use of a specialised support platform (900 500 405), have a presence in the Nedgia Marketplace, access the Private Area to manage and track requests, and receive support from the installer associations that have agreements with Nedgia.

How to take part in the 2023 Public Tender process

Any installation company or self-employed professional that has still not yet partnered with Nedgia but is interested in taking advantage of all these benefits can register for free via the Nedgia Partners Private Area via the Sign me up link, filling out the form and attaching the necessary documentation.

About Nedgia

The Naturgy group subsidiary is the leading company for natural gas distribution in Spain, where it operates in 11 Autonomous Communities and 1,150 municipalities. It has over 5.4 million supply points, representing 70% of consumers. Its main assets are the more than 57,000 kilometres of networks that enable the safe and efficient supply of natural gas and renewable gas (biomethane), as well as hydrogen in the future. Innovation, proximity and customer service are part of its raison d’être, and define its activity.