NEDGIA Madrid again takes part in the Region of Madrid gas installation safety campaign this year

Campaña de seguridad de instalaciones de gas Distribution

NEDGIA Madrid is again taking part in the Region of Madrid domestic gas installation safety campaign this year. The initiative is aimed at providing users with practical advice on the safe use of domestic gas installations with a view to avoiding any potential accidents.

Initiatives like this or the Renove appliance plans are reducing accident rates

The Regional Minister for the Environment, Housing and Agriculture Paloma Martín, Regional Deputy Minister for the Environment and Agriculture Mariano González, Director General for Decarbonisation and Energy Transition Fernando Arlandis, and Managing Director of Fenercom José Antonio González, attended the security campaign presentation at NEDGIA headquarters, along with the Director of NEDGIA Madrid Raquel Vallejo, and head of Technical Services for the Central Area at NEDGIA Manuel Fernández Cañizares.

For NEDGIA Madrid and all the others attending the event, “the safety of people is a priority target and these awareness campaigns are necessary for guaranteeing compliance”, said Raquel Vallejo.

Inspecting boilers every five years, preventing liquid spills and air currents that can blow out the flame, and checking chimneys in buildings are some of the main practical tips for using gas installations safely. Furthermore, it is important to know what you should do if you smell gas: open windows, do not switch on any electrical appliances or light switches and call your distribution company’s emergency hotline (NEDGIA: 900 750 750).

Promoted by the Region of Madrid, the campaign is also being supported by AGREMIA, Madrileña Red de Gas, Repsol and the Spanish Gas Association (SEDIGAS).

Moreover, in October the Region of Madrid launched a new Renove plan for boilers with grants of up to 350 euros to replace them with new, more efficient and higher performance appliances. NEDGIA wanted to support this Renove plan by providing an additional 100 euros.

Presence in the Region of Madrid

The Naturgy group's gas distributor in the Community of Madrid has more than 900,000 supply points in 28 municipalities. Its principal assets are the more than 4,500 km of networks that allow it to safely and efficiently supply natural gas today, and will also allow it to distribute renewable gas and hydrogen in the future. Innovation, proximity and customer service are part of its raison d'être, and characterise its activity.