NEDGIA Cegas prioritises the commissioning of special facilities in the Region of Valencia to treat COVID-19 patients.

Natural gas installation work in Segorbe Distribution

The Auxiliary Hospital in Segorbe and the “Barranquet de Soler” Health Centre in Alcoy are now connected to the natural gas network.

Since the beginning of the health emergency in Spain, NEDGIA has been giving priority to requests from government bodies to connect special facilities to its natural gas network, in order to prepare them and make them available to the health authorities to treat COVID-19 patients.

Energy services are considered essential and the company is doing everything within its capabilities to help fight against the pandemic.

NEDGIA has mobilised all of the human and technical resources it has available to prioritise the commissioning of these facilities with maximum urgency, all while guaranteeing the safety of its employees, collaborators and customers.

Natural gas installation work in Segorbe

Today in the Region of Valencia, the Auxiliary Hospital in Segorbe, a health centre that treats the population of the Alto Palancia comarca in the province of Castellón, was connected to the natural gas network. Over a period of just two weeks, the NEDGIA Cegas teams worked hard so that the competent authorities could authorise the work and installed the 80 metres of piping needed to supply the centre, which did not have a hot water supply or heating due to problems with its heating oil boilers.

In addition, in the city of Alcoy in Alicante, we have completed work to commission the installation of the “Barranquet de Soler” Health Centre, which now has a natural gas supply and is ready to treat COVID-19 patients.

Operational facilities all over the country

The Naturgy group’s natural gas distributor has received requests from all over Spain, which it has carried out with the utmost responsibility, safety and urgency. For example, in the Community of Madrid, a building that treats elderly COVID-19 patients in a serious condition referred from other centres has been connected to the natural gas by Nedgia. Additionally, in Castilla-La Mancha, it also carried out urgent work to supply natural gas to a municipal building that will treat patients from other centres in the region.

In Andalusia, the company has connected the Jaen University Hospital annex building to the natural gas network, and it now has a hot water supply and heating. In the city of Granada, the natural gas installation of a building made available to the city’s health authorities has been commissioned.

About NEDGIA Cegas

NEDGIA, the gas distributor of the Naturgy group, is the leading company in the activity of natural gas distribution in Spain, where it operates through its different companies in eleven autonomous regions. In the Valencia region, its subsidiary NEDGIA Cegas has more than 650,000 supply points and almost 9,000 kilometres of network in nearly 200 municipalities, allowing 87% of the population to have access to natural gas.