NEDGIA promotes the efficient use of natural gas among 6,000 primary and secondary school pupils


The Fungastic educational programme, supported by the Naturgy Foundation, teaches pupils in a fun, informative way how to use natural gas efficiently while improving air quality.

Today NEDGIA, in collaboration with the Naturgy Foundation, has started a new edition of the Fungastic travelling educational programme, an initiative that teaches primary and secondary school pupils in a fun, informative way how to use energy properly, specifically natural gas, while promoting energy efficiency and contributing to improving to air quality.

Fungastic refers to the three main pillars of the initiative: fun, gas energy and new technologies applied to education. The initiative, in which over 6,000 primary and compulsory secondary school pupils from all over Spain will take part, includes different activities adapted to the different levels and also designed to promote new uses for natural gas, such as sustainable mobility or renewable gas.

These activities, which will be led by specialised educators, are prepared with an eye towards new educational classroom methods, where experimentation and hands-on experience are key.

Activities and challenges

First to sixth-year primary school pupils (6-11 years old) participate in various dynamics to raise awareness on limiting energy resources, so they can acquire good practices on consuming natural gas in the home and, at the same time, improve the quality of the air we breathe. Meanwhile, pupils from years 1 to 4 of compulsory secondary education (12-15 years old) are proposed a 4-part escape room style enigma so they can attempt to respond to energy needs and challenges of the future, and fight against climate change. They will have digital virtual reality and augmented reality tools to do this.

Since it began in 2017, this travelling programme has already visited around 90 schools in Spain, with over 15,400 pupils taking part. More than 250 participatory educational sessions will be organised over the coming months, adapted to the different stages of education, in 25 cities in Andalusia, Castile-La Mancha, Castile and León, Catalonia, the Madrid Region, the Valencia Region, Galicia, La Rioja and Navarre.


NEDGIA, the gas distribution company of the Naturgy group, is the leader in natural gas distribution in Spain, where it operates through different companies in 11 regions. The company supplies natural gas to 70% of all consumers in Spain: it has over 5.4 million supply points and has more than 52,400 kilometres of network in almost 1,150 Spanish municipalities.