Picanya Local Council and NEDGIA Cegas work together to speed up natural gas supply in the town

NEDGIA Cegas speeds up natural gas supply in Picanya Distribution

Close on 60 towns in the region have already simplified the preliminary administrative requirements for residents to get faster access to this energy.

Valencia, 5 December 2018. The Mayor of Picanya, Josep Almenar, and the Head of Constructions and Procedures of NEDGIA Cegas, Carlos Cañete, signed a partnership agreement to simplify the administrative procedures needed to bring a natural gas supply to this town in Valencia.

The agreement, which contains updated provisions in terms of taxation, seeks to reduce the time needed to issue licences with a view to offering a natural gas service more quickly to the more than 11,000 residents of the town.

With the signing of this agreement, almost 60 local council authorities in the Region of Valencia have now decided to simplify procedures in order to make it easier for residents to gain faster access to this efficient source of energy.


NEDGIA is firmly committed to a decisive contribution from natural gas to improving air quality in Spanish cities. To that end, it is working to develop innovative and efficient solutions to bring natural gas to new users and promote the new uses for gas, such as sustainable mobility and renewable gas.

Furthermore, the company is working to digitalise all its processes in order to make the most of new technologies for making its business more efficient and effective, and connecting with the more technological and demanding reality.

Presence in the Valencia Region

NEDGIA Cegas is the natural gas distribution company of Naturgy Group in the Region of Valencia, where more than 1.3 million users enjoy the advantages of this source of energy in more than 200 towns. This means that 87% of the population has access to this energy source. The company manages over 663,000 supply points and a distribution network of more than 8,700 kilometres.