A key role in the energy transition

Natural gas plays a key role in the global energy transition towards a low-carbon society, particularly because of the growing use of renewable gas in its networks. Biomethane, or renewable gas, produced from organic, farming, agricultural or industrial waste, or waste from landfill and wastewater sites, provides significant environmental advantages and improves the circular economy by producing neutral CO2 emissions.

This renewable gas fuel is a product of recycling our waste and can be used in the same way as natural gas. It is a key product in striving for better resource management and strengthening the circular economy of CO2 emissions.



Renewable gas is obtained by recycling our rubbish, urban waste, purifying wastewater from sewerage, and agricultural waste, and waste from livestock farming and the agricultural foodstuff industry. It therefore helps us reduce the environmental impact that all the waste would have if it were not treated.


Renewable gas can easily be introduced into existing gas distribution networks. The end user can use it for all the same purposes as natural gas.

Natural gas regulated businesses
Calidad del aire en las ciudades

Reduction in emissions

Due to its origin, renewable gas is a fuel with neutral CO2 emissions, and therefore helps avoid the global warming of our planet. What’s more, it helps improve the air quality of the air we breathe, since it doesn’t contain local contaminants like solid particles or sulphur oxide and emits practically no nitrogen oxide.

Boosts development of the local economy

The production of renewable gas creates synergies with agriculture, livestock farming and the agricultural foodstuff industry. It supports rural development, promotes the creation of local jobs and improves environmental management of the waste from those environments.

Gas renovable

Renewable gas is highly beneficial for the planet, and is both socially and environmentally sustainable. At Nedgia we believe in sustainable solutions for the planet and for society, which is why we are committed to renewable gas.

Clean and renewable energy

Natural gas is the conventional energy most respectful to the environment that exists. This fuel produces the least CO2 emissions and does not emit particles. For this reason, it is one of the cleanest, most comfortable and environmentally-friendly types of energy on the market and its use helps to offset the effects of climate change and environmental pollution.

Air quality

Natural gas considerably reduces emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx) and almost completely eliminates emissions of suspended particulates and sulphur dioxide (SO2), which are the main causes of pollution in cities and of significant respiratory problems.

Savings for consumers

Replacing more polluting fuels with natural gas is crucial in order to improve the energy balance in Spain, manage savings for consumers and improve air quality in cities.

Sustainable energy

The conventionalfuel withthe least CO2 emissions


less than coal


less than oil products

Less CO2 emissionsper m3 of natural gasconsumed

1.6 kg of CO2

emission avoided by m3 in comparison to coal consumption

0.7 Kg of CO2

emission avoided by m3 in comparison to oil product consumption

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