Spanish gas distributors join a European initiative to promote hydrogen development via gas networks

Ready4H2. Distribution

A total of 59 European distributors in 13 countries have launched the ‘Ready4H2’ initiative to support the development of a hydrogen market and share knowledge and experience, to contribute to the transformation of Europe’s energy infrastructure and help meet the European Union’s climate neutrality goals.

The five Spanish gas distributors (Nedgia, Nortegas, Madrileña Red de Gas, Redexis and Gas Extremadura) have joined the initiative to share the knowledge and experience they have acquired in their own projects and working with other local agents in the hydrogen value chain. The initiative seeks to facilitate the launch of a Spanish and European regulatory framework for hydrogen development using the potential of European gas infrastructure, thus benefiting the public and helping meet the EU’s carbon neutrality goals.

‘Ready4H2’ will work on three studies up to February 2022: an initial analysis of the involvement of different distributors in hydrogen development, their cumulative experience and the strategy of their countries; a second study on how European gas distributors can contribute to the development of hydrogen and strategic planning in the territory; and, finally, a roadmap with specific initiatives so that distributors can be the link between hydrogen producers and consumers at the Spanish and European level.

Hydrogen is key to the energy transition in Europe, and to compliance with its climate goals. The existing gas infrastructure is a natural partner for the fast and efficient development of this new energy area.

About Nedgia

Nedgia, a subsidiary of the Naturgy group, is the leading natural gas distributor in Spain, operating in 11 autonomous regions and 1,150 municipalities. It has over 5.4 million supply points, representing 68% of consumers. Its main assets are more than 53,000 km of networks that enable it to safely and efficiently supply natural gas and distribute renewable gas, and will also enable it to distribute hydrogen in the future. Innovation, proximity and customer service are part of its raison d’être, and characterise its activity.