Natural gas regulated businesses

As a distribution company, Naturgy attends to any natural gas network connection request received from users (residential, commercial or industrial) in their distribution area, as well as installation companies and supply companies.

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Nedgia is also responsible for maintaining and managing the distribution network and the reading and inspection operations and emergency and customer services.

What distribution does and what marketing doesn’t do

What we do

Infrastructure development, operation and maintenance: networks, connections

For the consumer:

  • Regular inspection (IP) of users’ facilities
  • Reading and measuring consumption.
  • Emergency service
  • Starting up customers’ facilities.
  • Installation, start-up and regular inspection of Community Receiver Installations (IRC) for residents’ communities.

What we don’t do

  • Supply gas The gas we deliver to your home or to your facilities is owned by your supply company
  • Billing for gas or other services even if the services are provided by the distributor. Billing is always by the supply company
  • Commercial policy: prices, offers, etc. All these issues are decided by your supply company

Documentation relating to compliance with separation activities

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