Torrent’s schools will be connected to the natural gas distribution network.

CEIP Federico Maicas Distribution

The Town Hall of Torrent is to install cutting-edge natural gas boilers to reduce its energy bills and improve air quality in the city.

Our large-scale consumption department NEDGIA Cegas has reached an agreement with the Town Hall of Torrent to connect the modern natural gas boilers that will be installed in the Valencian city’s public schools to our distribution network. They will be up and running in September.

Specifically, the Town Hall will change heating oil installations for natural gas boilers in the schools Antonio Machado, El Molí, Federico Maicas, Lope de Vega, Virgen del Rosario, Miguel Hernández, San Pasqual and San Juan Bautista. Following the installation of these boilers powered by natural gas, a much cleaner and more efficient fuel, the Town Hall of Torrent will significantly reduce its energy bills and the schools will have more space available, as they will be able to use the area occupied by the heating oil tank. Furthermore, they will improve air quality as there will no longer be any unpleasant fuel smells, and they will reduce their CO2 emissions by over 114,000 kg per year, the equivalent of planting more than 2,900 trees.

In Torrent, the second most populated city in the province of Valencia and the sixth in the whole Valencia region, our subsidiary NEDGIA Cegas has over 10,200 supply points and more than 207 kilometres of distribution network, which also supply natural gas to a large industrial estate in the city.

About NEDGIA Cegas

We are NEDGIA, the gas distributor of the Naturgy group and the leading company in the activity of natural gas distribution in Spain, where we operate through our different companies in 11 autonomous regions. In the Valencia region, our subsidiary NEDGIA Cegas has more than 650,000 supply points and almost 9,000 kilometres of network in nearly 200 municipalities, allowing 87% of the population to have access to natural gas.