We are participating in the new edition of the Private Replacement Plan for Boiler Rooms in the Community of Madrid

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Our distributor Nedgia Madrid has renewed its participation in a new edition of the Private Replacement Plan for Boiler Rooms, in collaboration with the Energy Foundation of the Community of Madrid, the Association of Installation and Energy Sector Companies (Agremia), the Association of Heat Emitter Manufacturers and Generators (FEGECA), and the gas distribution companies Madrileña Red de Gas and Redexis Gas.

The grants under this new plan for 2021, aimed at replacing coal and diesel boilers with more efficient ones that run on natural gas, are intended to increase the safety and efficiency of communal heating installations. Thanks to these incentives, more than 100 coal boilers and 200 diesel boilers have been replaced in the last two decades, helping to reduce the emission of polluting particles and improving air quality in the Community of Madrid.

All replacements made between November 1, 2020 and December 31, 2021 will be eligible for this plan, complying, among others, with the following conditions:

  • The appliances to be installed must be new.
  • In no case will the purchase without installation be eligible for “Plan Renove”, which will be accredited by means of the corresponding invoice issued by the installer adhered to the Plan who carries out the replacement.
  • The boilers to be installed must be included in the list of condensing boilers accepted in this Plan.
  • The replaced heat generators must be unusable, which will be accredited by means of a certificate issued by the installer adhered to “Plan Renove”.

The amount of the Plan’s incentives will be determined by the thermal power of the new boilers installed and will consist of two parts: one incentive provided by the distribution company and the other by the installation company.

The beneficiaries of these grants may, in addition to communities of homeowners, be individuals or legal entities, whether they are owners or tenants, of properties with two or more dwellings, or residential buildings under a community of property regime, companies or buildings in the tertiary sector with a rated thermal power greater than 70 kW.

As in the case of the previous plan, processing of the current one will be exclusively online, maintaining the 2020 requirements for accessing the incentive as well as the amount. This grant, which is compatible with any other public or private grants, can be applied for through www.cambiatucaldera.com.

Efficient and sustainable energy

Natural gas is a safe and sustainable energy that brings comfort and quality of life to homes. In addition, it has a very competitive and stable price, and it is a continuous supply energy, so it does not need a space to store it.

The use of natural gas has important environmental benefits, such as improved air quality, because it reduces the emission of nitrous oxides by over 85% and suspended particles (the main cause of breathing and heart problems linked to pollution in urban areas) by almost 100%.#.

About Nedgia Madrid

The Naturgy group’s gas distributor in the Community of Madrid has more than 900,000 supply points in 28 municipalities. Its principal assets are the more than 4,500 km of networks that allow it to safely and efficiently supply natural gas today, and will also allow it to distribute renewable gas and hydrogen in the future. Innovation, proximity and customer service are part of its raison d’être, and characterise its activity.