We connect the slurry plant in Alcarràs (Lleida) to our natural gas distribution network

Alcarràs slurry plant Photo: EFE Distribution

We have built nearly 2 kilometres of new distribution network to connect the facilities of the company Desimpacte de Purines de Alcarràs, owned by IGNIS, to the distribution network of Nedgia Catalunya.

Thanks to the connection to the natural gas network, the Alcarràs slurry plant will have a direct and continuous supply of clean and efficient energy to produce electricity, as well as compostable material, by drying livestock waste from farms in the plant’s area of influence.

About Nedgia

NEDGIA, a subsidiary of the Naturgy group, is the leading company in the activity of natural gas distribution in Spain, where it operates in 11 autonomous regions. In Catalonia, through Nedgia Catalunya, it supplies natural gas to around 2.2 million supply points in 384 municipalities.

Its principal assets are the more than 53,800 kilometres of distribution infrastructure that allow us to safely and efficiently supply natural gas today, and will also allow us to distribute renewable gas and hydrogen in the future. Innovation, proximity and customer service are part of its raison d’être and characterise its activity.