We have signed an agreement with CaixaBank to enable customers to install natural gas in their homes

CPC signing Corporate

The Director of Strategic Agreements at CaixaBank Payments & Consumer, Igor Sanchez, and our Director of Commercial Strategy and Transformation, Elena Longarela, have signed a partnership agreement to finance the cost of a natural gas installation for customers in the residential sector with some very advantageous conditions,

The agreement is national in scope and will provide financing at 0% for the installation cost for new customers who want to increase the comfort of their homes by installing high-efficiency natural gas solutions connected to our distribution network.

Thanks to this initiative, customers can enjoy very advantageous conditions, as long as they request it through installation companies who have joined the campaign, with financing at 0% NIR over 36 months and the option of installing either just hot water (maximum financing €900) or central heating in order to enjoy even heat throughout the home (with maximum financing of €4,000).

Installation companies can join the campaign through a very simple process, accessible online on our website.

CaixaBank Payments & Consumer will support both Nedgia and its partner companies in the operational financing procedures with highly flexible solutions for the distributors thanks to online processing and the immediate payment of transactions.


About CaixaBank Payments & Consumer

CaixaBank Payments & Consumer, a 100%-owned subsidiary of CaixaBank, is Spain’s leading consumer credit and means of payment institution, thanks to the combination of CaixaBank Payments, CaixaBank Consumer Finance, PromoCaixa, and 20 more subsidiaries.

The company, led by Juan Antonio Alcaraz, CBO of CaixaBank, and CEO Juan Gandarias, manages loans worth nearly €8.3 billion and is the leading card payment entity, with a stock of 20.4 million marketed units and a sales share of 23.3% of purchases and 24.1% via PoS terminals in establishments.

The company’s mission focuses on developing solutions in order to offer the best payment experience and facilitate financing for customers’ desires and projects, in a simple, flexible, and responsible way, through its own channels and agreements with major commercial distributors.

 CaixaBank Payments & Consumer is international in scope, with over 15 million customers in Spain and Portugal, and is also working to accelerate the digital transformation and technological capacities of the company.