We will transport 30 GWh of renewable gas a year in our Lleida network

Balaguer farm renewable gas Distribution

We will transport 30 GWh of renewable gas a year in our Lleida network after signing a contract with the company Torre Santamaría, which will produce biomethane using the organic waste at their farm in Balaguer (Lleida).

The renewable gas injected into our network thanks to the signing of this contract will lead to a 6,000-tonne reduction of CO2 emissions, the equivalent to planting 12,000 trees. By doing this, the Naturgy group is moving forward with its commitment to sustainability and the circular economy included in its 2022 Global Environment Plan. In 2019 the Naturgy group reduced its global CO2 emissions by 16%.

Gas distribution infrastructure plays a decisive role in the decarbonisation process, as it already distributes renewable gas and it will also be possible to transport hydrogen in the future. To connect the farm to the distribution networks, NEDGIA will build around a kilometre of network, as well as the corresponding infrastructure for injection and connection.

Biomethane is the energy carrier that makes the greatest contribution to the circular economy (waste is converted into a resource). Moreover, it has a negative carbon footprint if we consider the entire production chain, which means it plays a vital role in decarbonising the economy and combating climate change.

Biogas production at the Torre Santamaría facilities, a joint project alongside Grupo Lactalis and AXPO, is based on the organic waste produced by cows, which is enriched by means of a decomposition and enrichment process to convert it into renewable gas.


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