Distribution company

As a distribution company, we are responsible for the development, operation and maintenance of the more than 53,800 kilometres of natural gas network that are connected to more than 5.4 million supply points in almost 1,150 municipalities. This network carries the natural gas that end consumers contract from the marketing companies.

Our main activities are:

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Starting up individual gas installations belonging to consumers, connected to the distribution networks, at the request of their marketing company.

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Meter reading

Meter readings – bimonthly for domestic consumers and small businesses, monthly for industries and big customers.

Meter reading
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Periodic inspection

Regular inspection, every 5 years, of consumer installations connected to the network.

Periodic inspection

Alert services

Responding to safety emergency alerts relating to consumer installations connected to the network.

Alert services
We also carry out other operations on consumer installations at the request of their marketing company

Nedgia blue check icon checking meters

Nedgia blue check iconclosing off an installation prior to renovation

Nedgia blue check iconsealing existing connections, etc.

What does a distribution company do and what does a marketing company do?

Learn about the main roles played by natural gas distribution and marketing companies.

What does a natural gas distribution company do?

Development, operation and maintenance of infrastructures

We are engaged in the development, operation and maintenance of natural gas infrastructures, networks, connections, etc.

We perform the following operations for consumers:

  • Periodic Inspection (IP) of users’ installations (IRI)
  • Meter reading and measurement of consumption
  • Emergency response
  • Connection of installations owned by customers

and residents’ associations

Installation, connection and periodic inspection of Communal Receiving Installations (IRC) for residents’ associations.

LPG networks

Installation, connection and periodic inspection of propane customers, LPG networks.

In the case of Nedgia GLP customers, the distribution company also invoices for propane consumption.

What does a natural gas marketing company do?

Here are just a few of the roles performed by marketing companies:

  • Gas supply The gas we deliver to your home or installation is owned by your marketing company
  • Billing for gas and other services, even if the services are provided by the distribution company. Bills will always be received from your marketing company
  • Commercial policy: prices, offers, etc.

These and many other roles are performed by the marketing company with which you have a contract and which you should contact to resolve any related issues.