As a distribution company, we are responsible for the development, operation and maintenance of the more than 53,800 kilometres of natural gas network that are connected to more than 5.4 million supply points in almost 1,150 municipalities, that transport natural gas to the distribution companies’ end users.


These are the main activities we carry out:


Meters in communal rooms

Starting up individual gas installations belonging to consumers, connected to the distribution networks, at the request of their marketing company.

Meter reading

Meter reading with medidort equipment

Meter readings – bimonthly for domestic consumers and small businesses, monthly for industries and big customers.

Regular inspection

Gas technical inspection

Regular inspection, every 5 years, of consumer installations connected to the network.

Alert services

Gas boiler service

Responding to safety emergency alerts relating to consumer installations connected to the network.

We also carry out other operations on consumer installations at the request of their supply company, such as checking meters, shutting down the facility prior to alterations and other services.