Quiero gas natural Take advantage of our offers to install natural gas in your business and start saving from the first minute. We have important discounts for you.

Offers for businesses

Install natural gas in your business and enjoy a safe, clean energy supply that is compatible with the most modern equipment.

Oferta instalación gas natural negocios con tarifa 3.3

Business offer
RL.4 Rate

Have natural gas installed in your business

Find out about the discount when changing your business to natural gas and benefit from its savings

RL.4 Rate offer
Ofertas instalación de gas natural para negocios con tarifa 3.2

Business offer
RL.3 Rate

Install natural gas in your business

If you have a business in Andalusia or the Region of Valencia, change from your current energy supply to natural gas now.

RL.3 Rate offer
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Business subsidies

Subsidies in Madrid

Find out more about the grants available to businesses for converting boiler rooms to natural gas.

Madrid subsidies

Advantages of installing natural gas for your business

Get the thermal power you need for your business or industry. Reduce your bills, diversify your energy sources and work with a clean fuel that is always available.


  • Savings
  • Better performance and efficiency
  • Rate stability
  • Payment after consumption
Gas para la industria


  • Continuous supply
  • No power cuts or interruptions
  • No storage
  • Adapted to all production needs
Biodiversity pictogram Environmental benefits


  • Clean energy
  • No waste
  • Minimum emissions
Inspección periódica de gas


  • Easy installation
  • Less maintenance
  • Greater reliability

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Telephone iconCustomer Service, call us at 900 500 404!

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Enjoy the comforts of home with natural gas

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