See the conditions of the offer for your business

Who can benefit from the offer?

Businesses wanting to switch from their current energy supply to natural gas.

Applicable in Andalusia and the Region of Valencia.

What are the minimum requirements of the offer?

Installed capacity between 60 kW and 80 kW.

For other capacities, applicants must prove that the current consumption to be replaced is between 35,000 kWh/year and 50,000 kWh/year.

 The distance to the operational network must be 6 metres or under.

 Minimum contract period of 24 months from commissioning.

 Public bodies are excluded.

How much will the customer receive?


How is it applied to the customer?

The customer must provide the installer company with a signed copy of:

 Financial conditions of the offer.

 Network connection request.

Application for natural gas connection.

Bank account certificate.

How does the customer receive the contribution?

The customer receives Nedgia’s financial contribution by bank transfer in a period of approximately one month following commissioning of the supply.

What is the validity period?

The offer is valid for requests received between 1 April and 30 September 2021 (or the last day of the extended period, if applicable) and commissioned within 3 months of request confirmation.


It is not applicable to supply points (CUPS) with requests made before 1 April 2021.

Any extensions will be notified internally and announced on the Nedgia website

oferta de instalación de gas natural prorrogada

Financial conditions

Download the Financial Conditions of the offer for the Autonomous Region where the Homeowners’ Association is located:

Network Connection Request (NCR)

Download the network connection request document and, if you have any questions, download the NCR completion guide.

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