Offer to convert boiler rooms to natural gas

Take advantage of Nedgia’s offer to convert your Homeowners’ Association’s boiler room to natural gas.

Terms and conditions of the offer

Who can benefit from the offer?

Homeowners’ Associations with at least 10 households that want to use natural gas for their central heating or heating and hot water.

Applicable to all distributors, except Aragon, Region of Valencia and Madrid.

 See specific grants for the Madrid Region.

How much will the homeowners’ association receive?

Applicable to all distributors, except Aragon, Region of Valencia and Madrid

If it wants natural gas for heating, it will receive:

Between 10 and 15 households *

minimum €50/household 

Between 16 and 30 households: 

minimum €130/household

Between 31 and 200 households: 

minimum €220/household

If it wants natural gas for heating and hot water, it will receive:

Between 10 and 15 households * 

minimum €130/household

Between 16 and 30 households: 

minimum €210/household

 Between 31 and 200 households: 

minimum €300/household

The maximum amount received per boiler room is limited to 200 households.

* Only for Galicia, Castilla y León and Castilla La Mancha.

How is it applied to the homeowners’ association?

The homeowners’ association must accept the quote for the installation with the offer discount applied. It must provide two signed copies of the following documentation, and give one copy to the Installer Company:

 Financial conditions of the offer.

Application for natural gas connection.

How will the homeowners’ association receive the contribution?

The homeowners’ association will receive the financial contribution from Nedgia through the discount offered by the installer in the installation budget.

What is the validity period?

The offer is valid for requests received between 1 April and 31 January 2022 (or the last day of the extended period, if applicable) and commissioned within 12 months of request confirmation.


These offers are not applicable to supply points (CUPS) with requests made before 1 April 2021.

Any extensions will be notified internally and announced on the Nedgia website de instalación de gas natural prorrogada

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    Advantages of conversion to natural gas

    The conversion process is simpler and offers more advantages than ever before. It makes your heating and/or hot water system more economical, efficient and modern, in addition to using a clean energy source that cares for the air we breathe.

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    Maximum energy yield

    Natural gas boilers can use all the heat from the products of combustion.

    Technological progress


    In recent years, technological advances in terms of regulation and comfort have helped improve energy efficiency in boiler rooms.

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    Get the best natural gas prices

    You are free to choose the supply company that best meets your needs, as the natural gas market is completely deregulated.

    Lower maintenance costs

    As no storage tanks or complicated fuel loading mechanisms are required, natural gas boiler rooms are more economical and easier to maintain.

    Boiler room conversion.

    Natural gas is an energy option that takes care of our environment and our health.

    Success story

    Conversion of boiler rooms from oil to natural gas.

    Annual saving with conversion

    All the amounts include 21% VAT. Price of natural gas: using the average price of the three biggest supply companies, including meter rental. The price of heating oil is calculated using an estimated 15% bulk discount off the market price. Source: Nedgia’s comparative study on energy sources, January 2021.

    Comodidad y confort con gas natural


    Install natural gas in your home and enjoy all its advantages.

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    Maximum efficiency for your business with natural gas.


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