Offer to decentralise heating to natural gas

Take advantage of Nedgia’s offer to decentralise the boiler room of your Homeowners’ Association with natural gas.

Terms and conditions of the offer

Who can benefit from the offer?

 Homeowners’ Associations in buildings with at least 5 households that have centralised heating and want to individualise it, but do not have natural gas in their building.

 Applicable to all distributors.

What are the minimum requirements of the offer?

 At least 80% of the homes in the homeowners’ association must install natural gas with the 3.2 access tariff

 The Common Community receiver installation will be owned by the Distributor.

How much will the customer receive?

 From 5 homes



How is it applied to the customer?

The customer must provide the installer company with a signed copy of the following documents:

 Financial conditions of the offer.

 Network connection request.

Bank account certificate.

How does the customer receive the contribution?

The customer receives Nedgia’s financial contribution by bank transfer 10 days after commissioning.

What is the validity period?

The offer is valid for applications received between 1 Setember and 31 December 2020 that are commissioned within 6 months of the application date.

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    More advantages for your comfort


    Discover the advantages of individualising your heating and/or hot water system: control how much you spend and your energy consumption independently, and do your bit by using energy efficiently.

    Savings and freedom in your building

    You decide when to turn the heating on and off and set the temperature you want. With your individual meter, you will only pay for what you use and problems with neighbours that don’t pay will become a thing of the past.


    More space in your building

    Forget all about tanks and storage, as the energy supply is always available. Your homeowners association can repurpose the boiler room and the space that was previously used to store fuel.

    Radiator pictogram, natural gas heating

    Well-being throughout your entire house

    Enjoy a uniform temperature throughout your house and instant hot water whenever you need it.

    Modern energy


    You will be fulfilling the Energy Efficiency Directive 2012/27/EU, which makes it necessary to calculate individual consumption.

    Annual saving with individualisation

    Graph showing the savings after natural gas decentralisation

    All the amounts include 21% VAT. Price of natural gas: Current last resort plan, including meter rental and building gas connection. Price of heating oil: deregulated price, calculated by applying a 15% discount to the residential sector price.

    Source: Nedgia’s comparative study on energy sources, February 2020.



    Install natural gas in your home and enjoy all its advantages.



    Maximum efficiency for your business with natural gas.


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