Efficient, convenient and easy to use: natural gas equipment is an alternative to conventional electrical appliances. In addition to offering you savings on energy consumption, and as a result on your bill, you help to look after the environment.

confort con gas natural

Complete comfort in your home


Natural gas provides even heating throughout the home, instant hot water, whenever you need it, and more efficient cooking

tranquilidad y seguridad con gas natural

Tranquillity and safety


Natural gas is a safe and reliable energy, and the installation is reviewed regularly

Ahorro y eficiencia con gas natural

Savings and efficiency


It is one of the cheapest energies and with the most stable prices on the market. With natural gas domestic appliances, you will save on your energy bill compared to traditional electrical appliances.

Respeta el medio ambiente con gas natural

Respect the environment


Look after air quality with the cleanest conventional energy. The equipment that works with natural gas has a lower environmental impact compared to other electrical appliances.

Be more efficient and save on your bill with natural gas equipment

lavadora de gas natural

Dual fill washing machines

Equipped with two water inlets, one for cold water and one for hot water.

Depending on the programme and temperature selected, the washing machine takes cold water directly from the supply or hot water from the home’s gas heater or boiler.

They reduce the wash time by 25%.

They consume 30% less than an electric washing machine.

secadora con gas natural


Dry more quickly thanks to shorter cycles

Electricity power increase not required

Considerable saving on the bill as they consume less than electric dryers

vitrocerámica a gas natural

Glass ceramic hobs

Greater heating speed compared to electric hobs

Considerable saving on the bill as they consume less than electric hobs

They do not require an increase of the contracted power

cocina con gas natural

Cookers and worktops

Instant adjustment

Greater power and speed

Consumption cost is less than with electricity

Does not require a power increase

horno a gas natural


Greater available power, less cooking time compared to electricity

Juicier food thanks to water vapour from combustion

More economical than electricity

lavavajillas a gas natural


They use hot water from the heater.

Shorter washing time.

They reduce energy consumption by 35%.

barbacoa a gas natural


Easy setting: make slight adjustments to the temperature

Easy cleaning and maintenance

Safer thanks to safety valves which are activated automatically

Does not produce smoke or ash

paellero a gas natural

Paella makers

For indoor and outdoor use

More convenient than conventional paella makers

They have a safety valve and thermocouple