A natural gas boiler, the best way to save at home.


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Features of a natural gas boiler


Install the natural gas boiler that best meets your needs and take into account:

Pictograma potencia

The equipment’s capacity to generate hot water.

Pictograma dimensiones

In general, natural gas boilers have standard measurements but they can sometimes vary.

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Water flow

Volume of water that the gas boiler can heat in a specific length of time.

Pictograma rendimiento gas natural

The amount of energy that your natural gas boiler uses to heat water.

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Useful life

In general, boilers have a useful life of over ten years.

Natural gas condensing boiler


Natural gas condensing boilers are the most efficient boilers on the market.

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Big savings for your home

Their performance is between 15% and 20% greater than conventional boilers, thanks to the water vapour condensing system that gives them their name.

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Environmental contribution

They produce fewer fine polluting particles and reduce around 70%of nitrogen oxide (NOx) and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

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What pressure level should a gas boiler have?


Caldera de gas natural
Normal pressure

Water pressure in a cold boiler with the pump off should fluctuate between 1.2 and 1.5 bar (bar is the measurement unit for pressure).

To check the pressure, look at the boiler’s gauge where different pressure levels will be displayed throughout the day depending on how the boiler is being used. Water pressure that is above or below these amounts will cause different types of fault, depending on the situation.

High pressure

If the boiler exceeds the high pressure limits, the heating safety valve will open to release some of the pressure. This may be caused by the system operation.

Low pressure

If water pressure is too low, the boiler will block itself and stop working to prevent more serious faults.


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